Feeling stuck, uninspired, or lost? Let's find your intention WORD of the year!


Unlock Your WORD of the Year

8-part guided meditation & cinematic sound experience to connect with your intuition, be inspired, and discover your WORD.

Journey From Your Head to Your Heart


Start Fresh and Live with Intention in 2024

Transformative Experience to Ignite Your Purpose

Ready to join millions around the world and find your WORD?

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What's Included:

8-part guided journey to your WORD

Unlock your WORD to serve as your north star

Supplemental journal with each session to go even deeper

Custom produced sound immersions

Each track was carefully designed to provide a fully immersive experience.

WORD Activation Workbook

15-page workbook to help you create intentional daily actions to activate your WORD and live your intention

Peek into the Experience:

Introduction to the Experience
Journey From Your Head to Your Heart

Bonus Content:

Heart opener movement “meditation”

Start each morning with this movement-forward “meditation” to take on your day with gratitude

Immersive reflection music

2 hours of additional instrumental tracksto accompany reflection and journaling

Stories from the MyIntent Community

 “Chicken Soup for the Soul” style inspirational stories from the community

Life changing impact.

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"This was a different experience in a magnificent way. It helped me grow and proceed into the New Year with confidence."
Brenda G.
"The experience was amazing. It reminded me how beautiful this life is when I choose to be self-responsible and follow my intuition."
Julieta D.
"It was a great guide on how to start finding your word. I’ve conducted and attended a few “Find your word” sessions or vision boarding workshops and I can see this standing up next to the best of them."
Kinshasa M.

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About Chris

Guide, Founder of MyIntent Project 


Since 2013, the MyIntent Project has helped millions of people around the world find their WORD and live with intention. After many years of successfully climbing the corporate ladder at companies like McKinsey and Facebook, MyIntent Founder Chris Pan left corporate to find himself - to heal, to love, to grow.

Chris created MyIntent to catalyze meaningful conversations and positive actions. To continue to help the world live in collective harmony, we’ve created this new workshop and sound experience combining Chris’ passions of spiritual growth and music to guide us through a journey from the head to the heart to find our WORD.

Chris is a sought after keynote speaker and has led workshops at corporations, conferences, and universities all over the world including, Stanford University Mental Healthcare Innovation Summit, Deloitte Leadership Center, Intuit, Ohio State University, and Airbnb.

Ready to join millions around the world and find your WORD?

Unlock your potential and step into your next intention


Enroll Now

Inspiration from the Community:

My WORD is Break the Box: 

I've been living a life filled with expectations and putting myself in a box to feel like I was accepted. My box got smaller and I became smaller to fit into it. 

This year, I want to BREAK THE BOX - to own my voice and live in the world I choose to create!" - Annie

My WORD is Love Over Fear

It’s not about being fearless.. but feeling fear and still following your heart no matter how hard it is. - Daria

My word is Sparkle: 

I chose SPARKLE as my intention because I’m here to shine bright from inside out. My intention is to elevate and make someone else’s day better. To sparkle is to radiate love and kindness. I see you, I hear you, and what you say matters. Giving everyone the gift of being present. 🌟 - Sandra.

 The cost of inaction 

Every moment spent without clarity on your purpose is a moment lost. It's not just a missed opportunity; it's a sacrifice of your happiness, growth, and the life you deserve.

Traditional personal development retreats cost $500-$5,000+, not to mention the additional costs of travel and time away. Yet, the true cost isn't just financial—it's the potential for transformation that slips through your fingers.

We've designed this transformative experience to be accessible from the comfort of your home and to fit your busy schedule. So, What's Your WORD?


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